Amola has strong industry experience and capabilities in network optimization as well as warehouse design and implementation. Combined with our digital transformation capabilities, we offer our clients holistic transformations and a truly end-to-end service.



Scheduled transport operations, from broad market trends and strategy to the development of integrated strategies.


We consider all the drivers of change – from the ground up and we’ll motivate and support you to make the change.


We work buy-side and sell-side and give our clients hard-hitting and objective answers and focus hard on the best opportunities.

Supply Chain Strategy

Supply chain configuration is not straightforward and constantly changing. Factors determining the optimum supply chain strategy include the following:

  • Manufacturing cost by location;
  • Transportation cost;
  • Manufacturing and delivery lead time;
  • Stockholding and order fulfilment costs.

With advanced modelling and planning skills we are able to assist companies evaluate and design optimum supply chain solutions. Our knowledge of global supply chain service providers enables us to address issues of cost and service levels.

Distribution Assessment

Based on a detailed assessment of your distribution network and customer base, we design the optimal network to maximize the efficiency of transport, stock levels and warehouse operations. We provide you answers for questions such as:

  • How many warehouses are required?
  • What are the best location for these warehouse?
  • What are the total transport costs?
  • Which costs are associated to operate a warehouse?
  • What are the inventory costs?
  • What will be the transition costs and level of investment?

Insourcing - Outsourcing

When supporting insourcing – outsourcing projects we provide you insight into supply chain performance and transport and/or warehousing costs. Based on sector benchmarks we deliver a clear stategy for supply chain optimisation and support this advice with a risk analysis.

Logistics Tendering

To identify the right logistics partner and solution, it is critical to approach the market with a fully considered and detailed tender.

We can manage the full tender process for you; from identifying the right suppliers, through to data collection, writing all required documentation and managing the tender process from start to finish.

Typically there 9 steps when the market with a tender. The typical 9 steps are: 1: Develop case for Change, 2: Operational Profiling, 3: Provider Engagement, 4: Tender Governance, 5: Invitation to Tender, 6: Response Management, 7: Response Assessment, 8: Provider Shortlisting, 9: Selection and Implementation.

Mergers & Acquisition

We bring our expertise with global end-to-end supply chain operations to support the analysis of a target company’s supply chain infrastructure, including: facilities, processes, technology, and organizational structure and skill sets.

We provide a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of its supply chain, how well the supply chain meets customer expectations, and how it compares to the competition.

Our due diligence efforts can include a detailed plan with cost estimates, a roadmap, a timeline, and critical short-term action items that will facilitate a successful process.

Lean Logistics

Lean logistics involves creating value for customers and eliminating waste from the supply chain. We improve your logistics performance by using Lean Six Sigma. Our approach is supported by statistical analysis and we highlight areas of improvement.

Data Analytics

Supply chain analytics is a solution that is tailor-made for your organization. We developed a framework that consists of different supply chain analytics solutions. Based on our experience we developed a structured approach. In six steps, we go from assessing the current situation to the implementation of a specific solution that can vary from supply chain visualization to advanced transport optimization.

Layout Design

Our warehouse consultants can produce detailed layout schematics of distribution centre. There are many elements that can be considered within the design, including material throughput rates, SKU profiles, storage level requirements and order-picking velocity.

The warehouse layout design will include:

  • Current and future space requirements;
  • Detailed drawings of layout configurations;
  • Material Handling Equipment specification;
  • Labour requirements, labour utilisation and workflows;
  • WMS specification requirements.

Automation Design

Our team will design an optimised warehouse layout with consideration for the best rack configuration, material handling equipment, pick routes and marshalling areas. Varying options can also be designed around utilisation of different levels of automation, or alternative picking methodologies.

Digitalization and Innovation

Digitalization is a broad topic, composed of numerous new technologies, new processes, models, and customer experiences. The right initiatives are revealed through focusing first not on products, but on a comprehensive strategy.

Companies of all types are facing challenges that are unprecedented, in terms of digital disruptions, competitive innovations, and customer-centric advances.

We will lead and facilitate your company’s strategy, planning, and execution into the Digital Age. We can take companies at any level of digitalization as far forward as their business strategy envisions.

E-fulfillment Advice

We have extensive experience of designing and optimizing e-fulfillment operations. Our recommendations include topics such as:

  • Integrating the ‘bricks’ and ‘clicks’ channels;
  • Tendering logistics services;
  • Pick-location sharing;
  • The optimal design of the warehouse or distribution center.

Logistics Site Management

Logistics site management is a service we offer as an extension of our consultancy with existing clients, or as a standalone service to new clients. Interim logistics site management is the temporary placement of an experienced supply chain and logistics leader into your company at short notice for a finite period, usually 3 to 6 months. We have a wide network of professional interim managers that we work with and can call upon to manage new and existing clients through a period of change.

Implementation Management

  • There is a significant benefit to having the same consultant who designed a warehouse layout also implement the new design.
  • Our consultants can be available to undertake full implementation project management, from agreeing project governance through to being fully operational.
  • Implementation programmes undertaken by our consultants can typically include: Equipment tendering; Equipment installation and testing; IT requirements (hardware purchase, software provision); IT installation (ADSL, access points, power-point locations, CCTV cabling, fire systems); Operational set-up (H&S compliance, SOP packs, recruitment and staff transfer planning).

Turnaround Management

When a logistics operation is facing problems we step in and execute a fact-based analysis combined with a pragmatic appreciation of business constraints.  We also bring considerable knowledge of the realities of day-to-day warehouse operations, gained through direct experience in managing and turnaround a logistics operation.

Our consultants apply rigorous project management methodologies, taking every project through the 5 key stages of design, plan, implement, control and transition. All projects require a controlled and measured delivery, and this is exactly what our consulting team will ensure.

Across every stage of the project the team will manage task assignment, timing, communication, risks and budgets.

Construction Logistics Management

  • Logistics management for construction projects can be divided into 2 domains: Supply Logistics and Site Logistics.
  • Construction Logistics requires a comprehensive analysis of all supply chains, with lean and sustainable logistics strategies agreed for each chain at early planning stages.