Coating Manufacturer

Role: Project Manager Warehouse Footprint Optimisation


  • Customer: Top 3 Coating Manufacturer
  • Project: Optimize European Warehouse Footprint
  • Timeline: Q3-Q4 2017
  • Project Deliverables:
    • Decision document to determine the optimized warehouse footprint in Europe.
    • Support the tender for warehousing in Europe.

Customer challenge

  • Achieving warehouse and transportation cost reductions.
  • Difficulties to improve the current 24 hour lead-time to customers.
  • Current warehouse network consist out of 100+ warehouse locations in Europe.

amola solution

  • Define current warehouse footprint concept and baseline.
  • Develop future warehouse footprint blueprint.
  • Coordinate data collection and analysis.
  • Business case for all warehouses, including closure decisions.
  • Implementation plan per warehouse, timeline, resource planning and risk assessment.

Customer benefits

  • Strategy roadmap has been defined to start implementing a centralized warehouse footprint.
  • Reduction inter-company transportation.
  • Reduction inbound and outbound transportation.
  • Reduction warehousing costs.