Wärtsilä – DHL

Role: Director Operations


  • Customer: Wärtsilä
  • Project: Implementation Parts Distribution Center
  • Timeline: 2015 – 2017
  • Project Deliverables:
    1. Change to new service provider DHL
    2. Improve quality level warehouse and 4PL operation.
    3. Implement global DC structure

Customer challenge

  • Overall improvement needed related to quality levels for customers, delivery performance of external spare parts suppliers and on time in full order delivery Key Performance Indicator.
  • Creating an organizational culture of high quality and continuous improvement.
  • Delivering pilot projects related to digitalisation and innovation.

amola solution

  • Project management Due Diligence: Concept of operations, detailed mapping of activities and services, contracting, KPI definition, continuous improvement commitments.
  • Project management implementation: Transition planning, TUPE staff, negotiating with unions and workers council.
  • Operations management: Implemented performance dialogues, productivity planning tool, standard way of working and warehouse lay-out changes.

Customer benefits

  • Improvement of overall operational cost level.
  • Increased order quality (on time in full without damages).
  • Implemented Fetch VirtualConveyor solution (autonomous robotics).