Zero Emission City Logistics

Role: Programm Manager ZE City Logistics


  • Today’s demanding consumers live and work in the city, resulting in growing demand.
  • Good city logistics is key to the economic vitality and attractiveness of our cities.
  • Urbanization places new demands on mobility within a city.
  • City logistics networks are becoming more and more finely meshed.

Customer challenge

To achieve a new approach to city logistics, innovations are required that involve a combination of:

  • Organization: New logistics concepts: freight bundling, a new way of working.
  • Regulations: Custom solutions, parking policy, delivery time windows.
  • Technology: Lower-emission vehicles specifically designed for cities.
  • Behavior: Does an online order always have to be delivered straight away?

amola solution

  • Activitation triple helix (Government, Universities, Companies) to join forces in living lab projects.
  • Development and scaling-up of activities to speed up the transition to zero emission city logistics.
  • Business case for innovative vehicle technology.

Customer benefits

  • Commitment and actions of all parties involved.
  • Commitment to implement, monitor and assess zero emission living labs.
  • Promotion by vehicle manufacturers of the development and application of vehicles to support zero emission city logistics.
  • Promotion by logistics services providers, shippers and recipients of the development of logistics concepts.